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R.O.A.T.  The new Reach Out and Touch program is being launched by the House of God Foreign Mission to provide an opportunity for our members in the U.S. to visit congregations in other parts of the world, making new acquaintances and extending the love of our great church to many who will never have the opportunity to visit the National Temple or the U.S.


The first R.O.A.T. journey will take place in September of this year.  The second week in September has been chosen because it is sandwiched between the Annual Convocation and the Annual Feasts.  Additionally, it is a very good travel time as many students have returned to school for the fall session which means generally lower airline and accommodation costs.


The focus of this trip is to introduce our U.K. members to a component of our National Church.  They observe our services on Livestream and are familiar with much of our service formats.  Through Livestream and social media, some of our members are already familiar with the names of our ministry and presenters etc. Our congregation there is known as “Strong Tower 7th Day Church of God” and has been members of the House of God since November 30, 2015.  


On this R.O.A.T. mission, it is desirable that time be set aside to accommodate worshiping with our new brethren.  Friday night and Sabbath day are excellent times for this and can be easily arranged for those in attendance.  Other than that, your time will be your own and the length of time you spend in the U.K. is entirely up to you.  It allows time for you to visit the many historical sites in the U.K. and also Eastern Europe if your travel schedule allows. 

LOCATION  The R.O.A.T. Conference will take place in Luton, UK which is Northwest of London.  Services will be held at our church there Strong Tower 7th Day Church of God; the host pastor is Pastor Conroy Williams.  The church address is 73 High Street, Leavgrave, LU4 9JZ, Luton, United Kingdom. 


Friday night and Sabbath Day will be populated with conference activities and services.  As Pastor Williams and many of his members are Jamaican, you will find the services there very similar as those of our Jamaican congregations in the island.

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